Do I Need to Change My Oil?

March 17, 2022
Car Oil

Waiting too long to change your oil can lead to a variety of issues and even accidents. We understand that life can get in the way of scheduling an oil change, but it is crucial to have your oil changed at regular intervals to keep your vehicle’s engineered parts lubricated and protected.

Here are just a few of the detrimental things that can happen when you neglect your oil change:

Compromised Engine Performance

In addition, to lubricating your vehicle’s engine components, oil also works to keep the engine clean. Dirt and debris are transported into your fuel filter by dispersants, detergents, and other additives. The fuel filter is replaced as part of your oil change because once it becomes clogged, it will force the dirt and debris back through to the engine.

The clean oil will eventually become dirty and sludge-like, which forces your engine’s moving parts to work harder to get through the muck. This can cause your vehicle to have less power and torque. The harder your engine works through the muck, the more gas it will use.

With a compromised engine, your vehicle becomes less safe to operate, which can lead to a collision.

Voided Vehicle Warranty

If you’ve recently bought a new vehicle, one of the perks is the vehicle warranty. Failing to have your car properly serviced with regualr oil changes can cause your warranty to become void. It is crucial to follow maintenance schedules based on factory specifications to ensure that your vehicle’s warranty remains valid.

Total Engine Failure

If you neglect your oil change long enough, it could result in total engine failure. This can happen because once your oil becomes a sludge, it will no longer draw away heat from the engine.

This can cause the engine to overheat, which can lead to blowing a gasket or causing the engine to seize up. Engine failure can put you at risk for an accident as the milky white exhaust given off by a blown head gasket will force you to the side of the road.

A blown head gasket is a costly repair. Depending on how old your vehicle is and what condition it is in, it may be considered a total loss. The heat can also cause your engine parts to warp since the oil is no longer providing lubrication. This causes metal to grind against metal and seize the engine.

A seized engine cannot be repaired and will need to be replaced. The high cost of this may put you in the frustrating position of having to purchase a new vehicle.

All of these issues will lead to costly repairs and can even put you at risk for a collision. These issues can easily be avoided with regular vehicle maintenance as recommended by the factory specifications.

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