Mechanical Repair

What is Mechanical Damage?

When you are in an auto accident, there are different damage types that can occur to your vehicle. There is visible damage such as scratches or dents, but there is also damage that can occur that is not easily seen, called mechanical damage. This type of damage affects the engine tires, brakes, and more. Types of mechanical damage include:
Tire and Wheel
In some cases, you may be able to see visible damage to the wheel and tire after a collision, but in some cases, there are times that the damage is hidden from the untrained eye, making the vehicle dangerous to operate.


Brake damage will need to be repaired immediately after a collision. You may experience a cracked brake line that is leaking fluid, which can lead to your brakes sticking or giving out.


This is another system at risk for damage during a collision. If your suspension is damaged, it will result in a rough or bumpy ride; you may also have difficulty steering, the car may sit lower, or you may notice the car pulling to one side.


If your engine has been damaged in a collision, do not operate the vehicle. If you suspect engine damage, check your dashboard to see if the check engine light is on, and be sure to have the vehicle serviced.
This type of damage can be identified and repaired by our highly trained technicians.

Mechanical Repair Services in West Virginia

Freedom Collision Center offers expert mechanical repair services in Morgantown, West Virginia. Our shop utilizes top-line, state-of-the-art equipment and is staffed by highly trained, highly experienced technicians who excel at mechanical repair.

If your vehicle has incurred mechanical damage because of a collision or other type of accident, let our techs use their expertise to get you back on the road. We use the top industry-recommended “OEM” products to ensure that your vehicle is restored to its pre-accident state and meets its manufacturer’s standards, and we pay close attention to every detail of our work, to make sure your vehicle works as it should and is safe.

In addition to the mechanical repair services offered at our collision shop, Freedom Collison Center also offers major mechanical repair services at our dealerships. Just give us a call, and we’ll help you find the best location to serve your needs.

Freedom Collision Center services all makes and models and is a Preferred Body Shop for All-State, Nationwide, Geico, State Farm, Progressive, Erie, Encompass, Dealership Warranty Work, Customer Pay, and more!



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