Preparing Your Car for College

August 17, 2021
College Student Car

When going off to college, there are a variety of things you need to prepare. From school supplies to dorm room accessories, college preparations can be a big task. If you plan to take your car with you to college, it is crucial to take the proper steps to prepare your car for the semester, especially if you’ll be far from home.

At Freedom Collision Center, we’ve put together a checklist to help you get your car college ready!

Have the Regular Maintenance Completed

Properly maintaining your car will help keep it in great shape in the long run. Prior to going to college, you’ll want to perform some basic maintenance on your vehicle, including:

  • Have the brakes checked and changed if needed.
  • Have the oil changed.
  • Check that the headlights, taillights, and turn signals are all functioning correctly.
  • Check that your car battery is still in good condition.
  • Replace your windshield wipers.
  • Replace/refill your fluids such as brake, transmission, windshield wiper, and coolant.
  • Check your tire pressure.

While college classes, work, and homework can make your life busy, it is important to keep an eye on these things to keep your vehicle in great shape. By performing routine maintenance with a trusted auto body shop, you can prevent more costly repairs down the road.

Take Care of Any Necessary Repairs

Over summer or winter break, it is important to complete any necessary repairs to ensure your vehicle is safe to operate. Repairs may include:

  • Windshield or window repair
  • Dent repair
  • Bumper repair
  • Touching up paint where there are scratches or rust.

Clean Out Your Car

While you’re rushing between classes, work, and fun with friends, you don’t want to have to worry about cleaning your car. By giving your car a deep clean before going away to school, you will have one less thing to worry about. It is also beneficial to the safety of your vehicle when you clean the glass of the windows and windshield. To clean your car, follow these tips:

  • Remove bad odors by leaving a deodorizer in the car overnight, vacuuming, washing the surface with water and vinegar, etc.
  • Vacuum the seats and floors of the car.
  • Clean out trash
  • Wipe off your steering wheel, dashboard, and center console.
  • Got through the car wash and wash the undercarriage of your vehicle to wash away the salt from the winter to reduce the chances of rust.

Be Prepared for Everything

If something does happen to your vehicle while you are at school, it is best to prepare. To help be prepared if something happens, follow these tips:

  • Make sure your insurance card is updated with the most recent information and that it is stored in your glove compartment.
  • Make sure you have tow services through your car insurance or consider getting a AAA membership. Have the tow service information saved on a piece of paper in your car or as a note on your phone.
  • Keep your car battery charged and as mentioned earlier in the article, check to make sure it is holding a charge.

It is also recommended that you create an emergency kit to keep in your car. This kit should include items like a warm blanket, jumper cables, bottled water, gloves, shelf-stable foods, a basic tool kit, cash, gloves and a warm hat, flashlight and batteries, flares, and a tire repair kit.

Locate an Auto Body Shop 

Even with all the preparations above, you may still need to take your car to an auto body shop during the semester. At Freedom Collision Center, we serve as your most reputable auto body shop in the Morgantown area. Contact us today to learn more about our services!



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