Steps to Take if You Hit a Parked Car

May 28, 2021
Parked Car Accident

Accidents happen to the best of us. Hitting a parked car may leave you feeling scared, stressed, or worried, but knowing the proper steps to take can help prevent the situation from escalating into a more significant issue.

Whether you were parking at the grocery store or backing out of your driveway, you may have taken your eyes off the road for just a second and ended up accidentally driving into a parked vehicle. While it may seem like your day is ruined, there are things you can do to ensure that you and the driver of the damaged vehicle can resolve this situation quickly and easily.

At Freedom Collision Center, we have put together some tips on what to do if you hit a parked car.

How to Handle Hitting a Parked Car

The first thing you need to do is stay at the scene of the accident. It is illegal in all 50 states to flee the scene of an accident; your next steps should include:

  • Call the police to notify them about the collision.
  • Park your vehicle in a safe area or a parking spot.
  • Evaluate the damage to your vehicle and the one that was hit.
  • Take photos of your car and the other vehicle with your phone or camera.\
  • These photos will serve as a record of the damage to the other vehicle and will also capture their license plate.
  • If the other vehicle owner is not present, wait at least a few minutes to see if they return to their car. If you have followed all the other steps but need to leave at this point, leave a note containing your name, phone number, address, and a short explanation of the accident.

Once this has all been taken care of, you should contact your insurance company so they can help you put in a claim and help you understand whether your rates will go up after the accident.

Find a Collision Repair Service Provider

If the accident caused damage to your vehicle as well, search for an “auto repair shop near me.” While searching, be sure to choose the experts at Freedom Collision Center. Our team of experienced technicians uses the latest equipment and top training to repair all makes and models of cars, trucks, and SUVs.

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