When Are You Most Likely to Hit a Deer?

November 30, 2022
Deer Crossing Road

Deer are most active at dawn and dusk, so these are the times when you’re most likely to see them on the road. However, they can be active at any time of day, so it’s important to always be alert when driving.

There are certain areas where deer are more likely to cross roads, such as forests, meadows, and fields. If you’re driving in an area where deer are known to live, be extra cautious and always be on the lookout for them.

How to Avoid Hitting a Deer

If you’re driving in an area where deer are known to live, be extra cautious and always be on the lookout for them. Some tips for avoiding a collision with a deer include:

  • Driving slowly, especially in areas where deer are known to cross the road.
    Being aware of your surroundings and scanning the sides of the road for deer.
  • Using high beams when possible, as they will help you see farther ahead and make it easier to spot deer.
  • Not swerving to avoid a deer, as this could cause you to lose control of your car.
  • Watch for other deer. Deer are pack animals so if you see one cross the road, there are likely to be more following.
  • Honk at the deer. Some experts say one long blast of your horn will scare the deer out of the road.

What Do I Do If I Hit a Deer?

The first thing you should do after hitting a deer is to pull to the side of the road if it is safe to do so. We then recommend that you turn on your hazard lights and remain in the vehicle until you are sure it is safe to get out. If there are injuries involved or property damage, be sure to call emergency services or the local police.

Do not approach the deer. If it is still alive, it may be confused from the impact as well as injured and dangerous. When you contact emergency services, let them know if the deer is in the way of traffic so they can remove it.

If your vehicle is damaged, be sure to contact your car insurance company to file a claim.

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