Avoiding Costly Deer Collisions

October 20, 2021
Deer Collisions

With the autumn season upon us, it means that many deer will be finding their way onto highways. Colliding with a deer can cause severe collision damage, so it is important to take defensive driving measures to reduce your collision risks. Deer season in West Virginia will generally run from October through December, with a dramatic increase in deer population movement.

While the frequency of deer-related accidents is on the decline, these accidents are more severe due to the advanced technologies use in modern vehicles that need to be repaired after a collision. In West Virginia in 2018, drivers had a 1 in 46 chance of hitting a deer. Many deer collisions involve front-end damage which can elevate repair costs when you must replace the bumpers, front headlamps, windshield, and advanced safety technology located in this area.

Tips for Driving Defensively to Prevent Collisions with Deer

At Freedom Collision Center, we have compiled the top tips we have for helping you drive defensively to prevent collisions with deer. These tips include:

  • Pay attention- While this may seem to be a no-brainer, it is important to pay attention and stay alert while driving. Being alert will help you notice deer crossing signs and will also allow you to react quickly if you see a deer.
  • Be careful from dusk to dawn- Deer are more active during these hours, so it is important to be extra careful while driving during these times.
  • Reduce speed- If you see a deer or other wildlife on the side of the road, be sure to slow down to avoid hitting them. They move in an unpredictable manner, so caution is key.
  • Avoid swerving- While your first reaction to a deer coming into the path of your car is to swerve, you should brake. Swerving can lead to you losing control of the vehicle or hitting another car or object. Be sure to brake quickly and safely.
  • If there is one, there is more. – This is the general rule of thumb when seeing a deer. Since they travel together, if you see one deer crossing the road, you’re likely to see more following behind. Be sure to stay alert and allow for the rest of the group to cross.

We can’t control wildlife and when they venture onto the road, but we can control how we react. Follow these tips for a safer drive during deer season in West Virginia.

Collision Repair Services 

Unfortunately, even with the right preventative measures, you may still end up colliding with a deer this season. If you need collision repair, the expert technicians at Freedom Collision Center are highly trained and equipped with top of line tools to get the job done! Contact us today to learn more!



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